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Flo Ward

Age: 27

Job: Data analyst

Why the Atlantic?

Because why sit at a desk all day when you could be sat in the middle of the ocean?

Born in London, raised in the countryside, Flo is a data analyst for the marketing agency, Digitas. She speaks French & Spanish, and spent her teens split between the UK and Abu Dhabi.

When she started at the University of Bristol to study Spanish, she attended a Fresher's taster session for rowing and was immediately hooked by the competitive nature of the sport. She rowed for Bristol throughout her degree, and for local clubs - Sudbury RC, and Club de Remo Ciudad de Sevilla while on her year abroad. Flo went on to study at the University of Bath for her MSc in Management where she took up rowing again just in time for BUCS, switching up her Bristol quarters for the, ahem, brighter blue and yellow kit.

After she graduated, she took up cycling and competed in a few triathlons "for fun". Now settled in London and not wanting to cycle through the busy streets, she keeps fit in the safety of the gym and her new addiction - SoulCycle.

Hannah Walton

Age: 27

Job: Geography Teacher

Why the Atlantic? 

Why not?!


Born and raised in Nottingham, Hannah has always loved team sports. After a year of travelling after school, she felt she needed to ‘get fit before going back to netball’ and decided rowing would be a nice slow introduction back into fitness. Quite obviously a wrong assumption, but nevertheless a love of rowing was born.

She rowed throughout her time at Bristol Uni, becoming Women’s Captain and meeting Flo. A few years later and teaching geography in London (as well as finally back to netball!), the seed that was planted by watching other UBBC members complete the race began to grow. Knowing that it will be nothing like rowing on the calm of the River Avon, but excited to get back out on the water, she’s ready for what will probably be the best field trip yet.




Georgie Leech

Age: 24

Job: Freelance Marketing/ Design

Why the Atlantic?

Because rivers are too flat 


Georgie is from the North East but has no accent to show for it.
After a background in lacrosse and horse riding, she decided to join the rowing team at Lincoln Uni. Although mainly for the socials at first, she soon found a love for competitive rowing and a passion for socks and sliders. Rowing has complimented her career choice, as what beats creative block more than a long erg or a 2k test?!

Speaking to Flo and Hannah over FaceTime, she knew it was meant to be straight away and entered TWAC 2020 before meeting in the flesh. Admittedly she would've entered if a monkey asked her to row the Atlantic, so it's lucky the girls asked first!     

She has run 1 very muddy marathon, cycled the Coast to Coast in 2 days and spent many all-nighters in the studio at uni, so is ready for a much bigger challenge.