"Women in Sport exists so that every woman and girl in the UK can experience the transformational lifelong rewards of sport."


Our Story: For all three of us, sport has shaped our lives. Growing up, Flo and Hannah didn’t consider themselves ‘sporty’,but both participated in some form of sport;whether it was running for Flo because her hand-eye coordination meant ball sports were a no-go, or netball for Hannah because athletics was just not her forte (her best result being 5th in the hurdles because number 6 fell over and never finished). Georgie, on the other hand, always had a more natural prowess for sport than the other two. 


That said, what stuck with all of us from those younger years was the friendship and community found in sport. It’s the reason we all decided to try something new and take up rowing at university. From sport, we’ve learned more about ourselves and our physical and mental capabilities than any other time. 6 am training sessions and gruelling training camps put us through our paces and pushed us beyond our limits. Sport has given us the confidence to always try, regardless of how silly we may look, our lack of natural ability, or the chance of failure.






Our Aim: To inspire other women to get involved in sport. 


  • 1.5m more men than women participate in sport

  • Only10% of teenage girls do the recommended amount of daily activity

  • Only 48.6% of female students take part in physical activity once a week compared to 64.7% of their male counterparts


Whilst the tide is starting to turn, driven by campaigns like This Girl Can and by the incredible scenes of this summer’s Football and Netball World Cups, inequality remains in sport. There is still a way to go before there is parity in participation and media coverage of women's sport. 


Women In Sport is a gender equality charity, that looks at the issue through the lens of sport. Their mission is to ensure a society where women and men have equal opportunities, and where every woman and girl in the UK has access to the lifelong benefits of sport. They are the only organisation in the UK that researches sport purely from the perspective of women and girls and use the insight gained to drive change through campaigns and partnerships.


We are supporting Women In Sport to demonstrate what three young women can achieve. We hope to inspire other women to get involved in sport at any level and find something that they are as passionate about as we are. We want to help bring a spotlight onto the fantastic work that the charity does and contribute to the conversation around how we can achieve equality in the field of sport.










For all three of us rowing has played a key role in keeping our minds healthy. Endorphins aside, being a part of a sports club has meant having a wider support network and a sense of belonging. Sometimes though, when things get tough, it’s not always easy to talk. This is why we are also supporting Rowing Together for Healthy Minds (RTHM). RTHM is a mental health initiative for rowers backed by leading mental health charity Mind, aimed at turning up the volume on discussing mental health.




RTHMwas started in memory of René Zamudio, who took his own life in January 2017. René learnt to row as an undergrad at Bristol University, before continuing his studies and training at Imperial College. René shone with confidence and charisma, and his death was a colossal shock. As is common, he was the last person you would think to be suffering from mental health issues. 


RTHM aspires to raise the profile of mental health in rowing, by partnering with boat clubs across the UK to inform athletes and coaches about the symptoms of depression and other disorders. It aims to make it easier for someone like René to reach out for help in the future. They sell charity tech tops to raise money for Mind, worn by athletes from all different clubs and universities across the rowing community and beyond. Buy your RTHM tech top at


RTHM is not a registered charity but is an official partner with Mind, who offer information about mental health and provide support to anyone affected by these issues. 15% of our fundraising as Atlantic Anticswill go towards Mind in support of the fantastic work they do.


If you are worried about yourself or someone you might know who maybe struggling with mental health issues, we encourage you to talk to those close to you and head to for information and support.


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