The tide is currently high for women’s sport. The Women’s Football World Cup and the Netball World Cup have captured the nation’s attention this year, proving that women’s sports are seeing higher engagement than ever and have definitely moved into the mainstream. As a result, brands are increasingly finding women’s sports and related causes

are productive to invest in and support.

Attempting to row an ocean, let alone trying to break two world records, requires a support network. Our campaign is only possible with the help of sponsors. This could be either financial backing or through the provision of goods and services. 

We know, however,  that this is a two-way street. By supporting Atlantic Antics, we want to be able to give back to your company. Sponsoring us will get you global media coverage, branding opportunities, and possibilities for corporate events. Oh, and the satisfaction that you have supported three women in their journey to achieving their ambition.

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2018/19 race saw 121M impressions and a reach of 52.6M. Television coverage reached a record high with over 223+ individual broadcasts across channels globally including BBC, ITV News, Sky News, and CNN. Online articles from publishers like Metro, Stylist, and LadBible drove a reach of 11.3M. On the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge Facebook & Instagram pages, the most reached age group were 25-34 year olds, predominantly in the UK, with a relatively even gender split. Our aim is to contribute significantly to this year’s media coverage as we strive to break not one, but two, world records.

Over the next 18 months we will be posting regularly on our social media channels about our training routine, preparation for the race, information about the row, and most importantly, our support network which would include the promotion of sponsors. Whilst at sea, we plan to send back daily updates on our progress. Content transmission options have improved significantly over recent years, so we expect to send back photos and even videos from our row (here’s hoping for some videos of dolphin pods swimming by our boat!). In addition to our owned channels, we will also seek out national media coverage as well to publicise our challenge. 


By supporting Atlantic Antics, you will allow us to focus on race preparations, training, as well as raising money for our two causes: the charity Women in Sport, and the mental health initiative Rowing Together for Healthy Minds (RTHM) which raises money for the mental health charity Mind. This provides you with a great opportunity to not only support three strong women, but a charity that strives to close the equality gap in sport, and an initiative that is striking up long-overdue conversations around mental health.


We will be updating this page soon with the partnership packages that we offer. However, in the meantime, please do speak to us as we are happy to discuss options and customised packages, or if you have goods/services that you think could help support us in our campaign.  


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