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Training, Sea Courses and Easyfundraising!

Welcome back!

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Antics. With the race start only 10 months away and our boat in production, it's all starting to feel very real...


Before Christmas we started working with Gus Barton, an ocean rowing PT. Having rowed the Atlantic himself, as well as taking on the Pacific later this year, he knows what a challenge of this scale takes in terms of physical preparedness. We’ve all enjoyed having some structure put into our training and having set goals once again, even if it does mean being in the gym at 6am every morning to fit it in!

Sea courses

A couple of weeks ago we spent 7 days in Burnham-on-Crouch completing all of our mandatory sea courses. We’re now qualified in Ocean Navigation, First Aid, Sea Survival and VHF Radio. Dawn Wood, who led the courses, rowed solo across the Atlantic in 2018. This summer herself and husband Jamie are attempting to row further north into the Arctic than anyone has before. Her experience and advice were invaluable, especially her hilarious anecdotes about her life as a police officer.

We also did a one day Ocean Rowing Course led by Ian Couch from Atlantic Campaigns, the company that organise the race. This was great as it was a chance to ask lots of questions, hear about previous experiences, as well as meet other teams competing this year.

We’re all now missing life in Burnham. Although it was very busy, we had a great time being together for the whole week and had a lot of laughs (mainly due to Georgie’s random thoughts of the day).


Whilst in Burnham we also got the chance to visit the team at Rannoch who are making our boat. The production has just started and so we saw the mould of the hull and the deck, which are hopefully now being sandwiched together. She looks amazing and a lot bigger than we had remembered the R45s (the type of boat) being. She’ll be ready to collect on the 4th April and we are so excited!!

We’re planning on storing her at Rannoch as it’s the easiest place for us all to get to for water sessions.  We've already got a number of training weekends booked in, along with a 5 day row at some point in July. Time on the water and getting to know the boat is key to a successful (and fast) crossing so we want to maximise that before the boat gets shipped to La Gomera at the end of October.

Sponsorship and fundraising

Thank you so much to those who have donated to our campaign - your support means so much and our 250 club is growing!  We’ve now also set up an Easyfundraising page. When you use easyfundraising to shop with any of their 4,000 retailers, the retailer makes a small donation to say thank you and they send those free funds to our cause. We are still on the lookout for corporate sponsors. If you know of anyone who might be interested in getting their company to sponsor us, please let us know. Email us at

That’s all for now. Next time we check in with you we’ll have a boat!

Have a good one,

Atlantic Antics x

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